After about 15 years of intense creations, Steve finally connected art with one of its other passions, the Artificial Intelligence, in 2016. He makes one wish become true, to produce an infrarealist portrait. This first infrarealist portrait in the world have been created on the so famous actress of ever time, Marilyn Monroe.

This great achievment have been presented in 2018, March, during the AI Paris exhibition in Paris, France. It have been done a few months before the first auction on a AI art work, with the ‘Edmond de Belamy’, at Christies New York, by the Obvious artists.

Here is one version of this first infrarealist portrait, made by Steve with AI technics :

The first infrarealist portrait, made with AI technics in 2017, presented in 2018, March.
(c) ADAGP 2018

Since then, Steve is regularly using AI technics in his creations, with several others digital technics, using from algorithms to quantum computing data.

Please contact Steve for any questions or resquests on Instagram @steveawhtz